java coding adventure

System.out.println (“Hello Potato!”);


The time has come.

After many attempts to understand everything what is written in a few books on my shelf and to pay attention for videos which I saw on youtube, I found a possibility to learn Java by interaction. Or better: the possibility has found me.

Maybe I’m not a very perceptive person but I could realize what is really annoying when you have motivation like never before (and especially never in school) but you just can’t figure out what topics should be highly prioritized and important. So you just sit at your desk and learn things which actually are better to understand if you first just go 20 pages further and come up with more useful topics described there.

The main problem with books which seem to be helpful for total beginners is, that the authors really forgot HOW they learnt anything connected to programming. And I’m sure that I will, too.

That’s why I joined Aga – I will describe the perspective of a silly Potato who started to ask questions.


Potato’s profile

Potato is a totally pejorative term for people who aren’t convinced of their own knowledge and skills.

I always call myself this way when I want to put my lack of experience into words 🙂


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