Surprising moments, that is: books vs. talk

First sessions with Aga are behind us.

Apart from loops, conditional instructions etc. which I’ll take care of 😉 next days, I’d like to describe the examples which show the difference between what I imagined while reading books and what I learned while talking with Aga.

Constructors so important wow, many descriptions, many textbooks, much knowledge, so many ways to create them.

When I began to learn about creating classes, the term “constructor” was explained in a very detailed way and every possibility of its creation was shown, too. In the Very Important Chapter, there was no single information that every class has a default constructor till we create another one. Therefore, it’s good for Potato to have something by default, so that she can focus on other topics! What a disappointment when I got to know that this kind of knowledge will help me in my next steps with classes, not from the very beginning…

What is visible and what just returnable…

When starting with Java, probably the first task to do is writing your first “Hello World” program. Since this moment you will probably complete many exercises which at the end request you to write System.out.println.

That’s why you aren’t sure what is return for. What happens “inside” the program, what is spat out to be seen by a user in the front end.

Commands, orders or just keywords? Methods almost like #instadaily

When we already talk about return, I wondered how this kind of “words” is normally called in programmer language. First of all, I said “command”, cause we request the program to do something. However, we just should call them keywords (don’t confuse with hashtags:) )



Coming soon: loops, conditional instructions, initializing and declaring variables, buzz fizz and: am I able to cope with theory?


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