Potato writes code: fizz buzz.

We haven't been writing for some time recently coz first I was sick and then The Potato left for her well-deserved vacation. Now we're all back to reality so it's time to get back to programming adventure. And here's the task I gave to potato: Please write a code that will execute game of FizzBuzz What's FizzBuzz?… Continue reading Potato writes code: fizz buzz.


Methods one more time

Note: A method is the object oriented word to describe a function, so I use the words function and method interchangeably. You already know, there are various data types in Java. Look at the picture above. That's what you have: access level modifier data type method name method arguments with data type before keyword In… Continue reading Methods one more time


Surprising moments, that is: books vs. talk

First sessions with Aga are behind us. Apart from loops, conditional instructions etc. which I'll take care of 😉 next days, I'd like to describe the examples which show the difference between what I imagined while reading books and what I learned while talking with Aga. Constructors so important wow, many descriptions, many textbooks, much… Continue reading Surprising moments, that is: books vs. talk