java coding adventure

Potato wants to use a calculator

Java is powerful. You can do many things with Java. Java is ugly too. Really. You don't want to use Java to write the part of the application that your user will see. That part is called UI - User Interface or GUI - Graphical User Interface. That's why I started with tests. You can… Continue reading Potato wants to use a calculator

java coding adventure

Inside the hut: class attributes

When I studied electronics everyone was using scientific calculator made by Casio. It model was fx350ES PLUS. Every second person had the same one. Like a real object has its own characteristics, so does Java Objects. Those characteristics are called attributes. The Calculator class you already know also has attributes describing it such as model or a producer:… Continue reading Inside the hut: class attributes

java coding adventure

Going up: let's write some code!

In your Calculator project you have two java files: in src/main/java where you will write the calculations in src/test/java that you will use to test the code written in Write some code Open You can see a code needed to write some functions of the calculator inside: add, subtract, multiply etc. It is… Continue reading Going up: let's write some code!